MTLL Contact Information

Updated Wednesday October 31, 2018 by Macomb Township Little League Baseball.

MTLL is a volunteer run organization. We use email as our main form of communication with the league. We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

 Address & Rain Out Lines

 MTLL Address

 51194 Romeo Plank Rd. #306 | Macomb, MI | 48042

 General Info Email


 Macomb Corners  Rain Out Line

 MTLL rents fields from the township. They will call  rain outs based on their field conditions.

 (586) 992-2909

 Shelby Township

 Rain Out Line

 Inter-League games on Shelby Township fields will  call rain outs based on their field conditions.

 (586) 726-4556

School Fields Rain Out

Cheyenne, Fox, Iroquois, Ojibwa, Seneca, Sequoyah, Shawnee, Dakota Freshman

Online at www.mtllb.org and emails / texts


 MTLL Executive Board



 Don Gusse  President@mtllb.org

 Vice President

 Andy Gittler  VP@mtllb.org

 Operations Director

 Brendan Deane  Operations@mtllb.org

 Finance Director

 Robert Winiarski  Treasurer@mtllb.org

 Communications Director

 Rich Lochbiler  Secretary@mtllb.org

 IT Director

 Joe Valenti  IT@mtllb.org

 Safety Director

 Jason Boss  Safety@mtllb.org

 Coaching Director

 Ron Knight  Coaching@mtllb.org

 Player Agent

 Charlie Pipp  PlayerAgent@mtllb.org


 MTLL League Coordinators


 Equipment Coordinator

 Dave Dyki  Equipment@mtllb.org

 Field Maintenance Coordinator

 Tony Arini  Maintenance@mtllb.org

 Tournament Coordinator

 Bill Feeny  Tournaments@mtllb.org

 Uniform Coordinator

 Mary Bozinovski  Uniforms@mtllb.org

 Trophy/Awards Coordinator

 Jason Boss  Awards@mtllb.org

 Photography Coordinator

 Jen Lusk  Photos@mtllb.org

 Social Media Coordinator

 Robert Leduc  Media@mtllb.org

 Evaluation Coordinator

 Lawrence Woods  Evals@mtllb.org

 Fundraising Coordinator


 Special Events Coordinator



















 MTLL Division Coordinators


 Tee Ball

 Joe Rudy, Joe Wenzloff  Teeball@mtllb.org

 Coach Pitch

 Joe Rudy, Joe Wenzloff  Coachpitch@mtllb.org


 Jim Wilson  Minor@mtllb.org


 Executive Board  Major@mtllb.org


 Executive Board  Intermediate@mtllb.org


 Executive Board  Senior@mtllb.org